The Aloha Tennis Open

The 2013 Aloha Tennis Open is a GLTA Tour sanctioned event held October 25, 26, and 27 at the University of Hawaii Tennis Complex, Honolulu, Hawaii.  Thank you to all participants and supporters of the event this year!  

Who knew October in Hawaii would render extreme summer heat conditions with 94% humidity?  Physical toughness was the ultimate factor, well second to skill of course, in this year's ATO2013 results.  Battling the daily heat and humidity, progression through the Draws was more difficult than recent years.  Extended match play was more prevalent this year as well, as the no precipitation conditions in Manoa forced players to take a few more minutes than usual to rehydrate and recuperate between changeovers, sets, and matches.  There were a few three set matches that lasted nearly three hours.  

There is one match that ranks amongst the longest matches in ATO history; a three hour forty minute three set match in the B draw between Chris Lau, of New York, and John Tran, of San Francisco.  The two well matched players experienced a beating they possibly never expected.  The heat and humidity combined with length of play and skill of play forced one medical delay due to cramping during the match up.  It was Chris Lau who would come through in the end of this lengthy match up to move forward to the B Singles draw final Sunday.

"The goal is always to avoid rain delays and create a competitive friendly environment."  With the help of former ATO Directors, local resident supporters and participants, as well as experienced GLTA participants and the USTA Hawaii Pacific Section, this year's event came so close to expectation.  It was Sunday, the final day of the ATO2013, when rain finally drenched the UH Manoa tennis courts during another lengthy match up in the C Doubles draw final between San Francisco teammates, Garigliano/Miyauchi and Nguyen/Meksavahn.  Splitting sets between them, the doubles teams were four games into the third set when the slowly moving rain clouds finally let loose with a torrential rainfall.  Considered as a "blessing on the land" in Hawaii, the rainfall may have been the blessing these two teams were waiting for to avoid the continued humid conditions. Their match was postponed to be completed in San Francisco.

ATO2013 ended with an awards banquet held at the Queen Kapiolani hotel's Peacock Room Sunday following the delayed C doubles match up.

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GLTA Aloha Tennis Open Winners

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Tournament Director:

Mana Mo'o