Mana Mo'o, ATO2013 Director
June 1, 2015

REGISTER for the Aloha Tennis Open 2015!!

Here it is, the link to GLTA to register for the Aloha Tennis Open 2015!


If you would prefer to pay by check or money order, please contact me by email for another payment option.  Additionally, many of you may not have nor want to create a GLTA account.  There is another way to enter the Aloha Tennis Open, by the backdoor!  Simply, email me to send you an invoice, followed by a manual entry process to complete your registration.  If you have any questions or need additional care, don't hesitate to call or email me!



October 18, 2014

ATO 2015 Update

What's the latest?  The Central Oahu Regional Park tennis courts have been reserved for October 23-25, 2015 as host venue for this year's Aloha Tennis Open!  We will have a few more courts this year and a longer reservation day at CORP.  You wonder why?  Well, the ATO 2015 will feature a couple new divisions.  A Women's Division and a Mixed Doubles Division have been added to the ATO 2015 lineup.

Another latest is the newly renovated University of Hawaii Tennis Complex; six of the twelve courts have undergone renovation over last Summer and into the Fall for the current year's season.  It is our hope to someday return to the UH Complex very soon.

The website is being updated, with a new image banner to come shortly.  I will keep you all posted regarding ATO 2015 each month as we are now within the six month countdown to this year's Aloha Tennis Open.

Make your plans to attend and participate!  Bring along friends and family too.

A hui hou,


ATO 2014 Deadline is here!
The Aloha Tennis Open 2014 deadline is just a day away, October 19.  Hurricane Ana and her tropical storm tentacles are lingering over the islands this weekend.  If you are on island trying to squeeze in some tennis time, be careful and watch your toss.

I wanted to update ATO attendees with a venue change.  All tournament events next weekend will begin for the first two days of play at the Central Oahu Regional Park Tennis Facility.  University of Hawaii, despite upcoming tournament play of their own are doing some excavation work and 6 of their 12 courts are now out of commission.  Without the guaranteed court time required for the ATO, our secondary venue is now our first option!

The C.O.R.P. Tennis Facility is THE premiere tennis complex on the island.  Though distanced from Waikiki, the commute will be well worth our comfort and tournament needs.  Just across Kamehameha highway is a strip mall with a grocery store and a variety of restaurant options.  Costco Ka Uka is just a 10 minute drive away as well.

As we did last year, water and large ice chests will be on site to for chilling of items, even personal.  Also, we will have four pop-up tents near the registration site to provide some shade for all of you and your guests.  Bring a beach mat, a fold out beach chair, or other comforts during the extended day of play and relaxation.

The DRAW will be out by Thursday, October 23, 2014 with the first round of match play scheduled.  Remember, Round Robin and all doubles play will not have consolation rounds.  At this time, D doubles does not have enough players.  Thus, D doubles players will be allowed to play up in C doubles if they choose to do so.

I would like to encourage ALL of you to come out to the DRAW Party and the AWARDS Banquet.  The social time we spend together is just as important to the success of the ATO, as is tournament play.  It is my hope that each of us come to compete with ALOHA in our hearts.  LET'S PLAY BALL and in words similar to Ru Paul "may the best 'player' win".


September 14, 2014
Around the Corner
The Aloha Tennis Open 2014 is just around the corner and though slow coming, I know locals and visitors will have their registrations in soon!  Get it done TODAY!  

Venue updates:  

The DRAW PARTY will be held at Wang Chung's Karaoke new location 2424 Koa Avenue just steps away from their previous address, October 23, from 5-8pm.  The new Wang Chung's is bigger, thus better as the saying goes.  Come join us for pre-event festivities of pupus, karaoke, music, and fun.

The Queen Kapiolani hotel will be our Awards Banquet venue this year from 7-9pm, October 26. Their Peacock Room, just off the pool, provides a picturesque landscape of Kapiolani Park and Diamond Head at sunset as well as a beautiful setting for Aloha Tennis Open awards festivities.

This year, we do have a secondary tennis venue about 35 minutes from Waikiki, the Central Oahu Regional Park tennis courts.  If you do not have a car rental, please be sure to contact me so as arrangements can be made to help with transportation should you need it.

This year, we also will have a new logo and design, created by PREMIUM SHIRT PRINTING HAWAII!  The design will be posted soon to our Facebook Page; get connected via Facebook.

Here is the Tournament Schedule:

August 26, 2014 - Online Registration open
October 19, 2014 - Registration closes
October 22, 2014 - Draw posted via the GLTA Aloha Tennis Open webpage
October 23, 2014 - Draw Party, 5pm - 8pm WANG CHUNG's KARAOKE
Octpber 24-26, 2014 - Tournament Play, 9am - 7pm daily
October 26, 2014 - Tournament Awards Banquet 7pm - 9pm QUEEN KAPIOLANI HOTEL Peacock Room.

Shoot me an email, call or text if you have any questions or need additional information not provided on this website, the GLTA website or Facebook Page.


August 26, 2014
Aloha Tennis Open 2014
What an exciting time ahead of us as preparations for the Aloha Tennis Open 2014 are underway!  Entry registration and payments are NOW available via the GLTA Aloha Tennis Open webpage.  Please be sure to complete your entry as soon as possible.

The ATO2014 webpage covers important information surrounding the event.  Please be sure to read through the page and become an informed participant.  Also, verify that your personal information is current when completing your entry registration online.

Here are a few dates that are important to remember:

August 26, 2014 - Online Registration open
October 19, 2014 - Registration closes
October 22, 2014 - Draw posted via the GLTA Aloha Tennis Open webpage
October 23, 2014 - Draw Party
Octpber 24-26, 2014 - Tournament event dates
October 26, 2014 - Tournament Awards Banquet

The venues for the Draw Party and Awards Banquet are forthcoming.  As soon as they are secured, notification will be made via email, the Aloha Tennis Open Facebook page, as well as an update to the Aloha Tennis Open webpage.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me at your convenience.  I look forward to seeing everyone again, as well as meeting newcomers.  NOW, get online and REGISTER!


November 29, 2013
GLTA Annual Elections

November 30, 2013 is the deadline date for all GLTA 2013 election ballots. Each club registered with the GLTA represent a vote in the 2013 elections. There were three Board of Director seats vacant, as well as the seat of GLTA Executive Secretary. This past week a survey was sent to current members of the Aloha Tennis Association (Club) to collect the general preference of the club regarding the current nominations.  A ballot was completed November 29, 2013 and emailed to the GLTA elections committee.  Here is how we voted:

Board of Directors At-Large:

Charles Humes
James Kidd
David Livasy

Executive Secretary:

Daniel Merrithew

Should you have any questions regarding the represented vote, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

October 28, 2013
A hui hou!

With ATO2013 now part of history, it's only fitting to feel not just a relief of stress and concern when working an event like the ATO2013, but to also feel an abundance of gratitude.  This Director's post will be one specific to expressing appreciation for everyone who participated and supported ATO2013.

The Board:  Cliff Colvin, Kim Coco Iwamoto and Eugene Alexander

The ATO Committee and Volunteers:  Brent Auyong, Hoku Akiu, Eugene Alexander, Bong Canja, Scot Chang, Cliff Colvin, Scott Ferguson, Lloy Galeon, Kim Coco Iwamoto, Terence Mar, Sharon Masterson, Mana Mo'o, Shaun Miyamoto, Trisha Nakamura, Jan Orque, Herbie Rivera, Tamara Ulima, Ed Wong, Warren Wong, Courtney Young

Thank you for your willing hands and loyal support throughout the year, and most especially in the final month where the missing pieces of the puzzle were so quickly solved.  It was quoted to me over and over again this year, "no I in team".  Mahalo nui loa everyone.

ATO2013 Individual Supporters:  Eugene Alexander, Ray Chan, Cliff Colvin, Madeleine Dreith, Scott Ferguson, Kim Coco Iwamoto, Brian Kovaloff, Jack Law, Barron Lee, Frank Lee, Dr. Peter Lee, Dr. Cal Lin, Terence Mar, Teriimana Mo'o, Christine Quemuel, Herbie Rivera, Ryan Sales, Dan Takamatsu, Jackson Wheeler, Dyan Tanaka, Ed Wong, Stacy Yamauchi

My hands our tiny, my arms short.  Thank you for your network and community outreach to the ATO2013.  

ATO2013 Community Supporters:  Aqua Hotels & Resorts, Denver Area Tennis, HoopsTalk Radio, Houston Tennis Club, Hula's Bar & Lei Stand, Queen Kapiolani Hotel, Ron Romano, Reve Hair Salon, Ryan Sales, Seattle Tennis Alliance, Sports Authority, University of Hawaii at Manoa Women's Center, USTA Hawaii Pacific, Waipahu Racquet Shop

I would like to express a special thanks to Dan Takamatsu, Eugene Alexander, and Dan Merrithew for their personal investment of time and their guidance this year.  Lastly, mahalo nui loa to Cliff Colvin, Kim Coco Iwamoto, Eugene Alexander, and Scott Ferguson who pushed me out of the nest, to fly (I hit the ground several times).